Pricing Details

Lecale Clinic is a completely independent, private clinic and as such we do not receive any subsidies from the National Health Service. We remain competitive with other local private providers, and we are transparent with costs at all stages of your patient journey. If you have any queries please contact us in advance of your appointment.

Lecale Appointments

20 minutes: £90 – The most common appointment for routine GP problems.

30 minutes: £120 – This is suitable for more complicated or complex problems such as a mental health problem or for several simple problems

45 minutes: £160 – This appointment is most suitable if you have multiple problems.

60 minutes: £220 

Repeat Prescriptions: £25  – *postage fees apply if you prefer this to be posted to you.

Registration medical – 30 minutes – £120 – This is suitable if you would like to become a regular patient at Lecale Clinic. You should bring any available medical notes that you have and details of medications.

Weight Loss Consultation – £50 

Weight Loss Treatments – From £290 

Travel Risk Assessment Consultation – £60 (£100 if for a couple, £20 extra for each child thereafter) *vaccinations schedules and pricing will be discussed at your consultation.

Vaccine Review: £35 – Review appointment for Vaccine boosters / injections (when course already started with Lecale Clinic).

Ear Wax Microsuction: £60 – for one ear, £90 for two ears. 

Ear wax Microsuction review: £30 – (within two weeks of initial treatment)

Other ENT problems: £120 – 30 minute appointment- e.g. nose bleeds, chronic sinus problems, persistent sore throat, hoarse voice, dizziness.

Minor Surgical Services

These require a GP appointment (10 minute - £60) prior to ensure suitability for the procedure and procedure planning. If it is felt that it is not suitable to proceed with the injection then only consultation fee will apply. We may take relevant confidential photographs and complete relevant consent forms. This also gives you the chance to consider what has been discussed prior to proceeding with any invasive procedures.

Joint injections* : from £125 – for one joint / area. £50 per additional injection in the same appointment.  

Skin Tag Removal (Surgical)* : £150 – for single tag, £30 for each additional tag.

Excision of single small lesions – From £280. Additional laboratory charges apply, price will be given at Pre-Procedure Appointment. 

Wound Suturing – £190 

Abscess Drainage – £150 Further follow up appointments / dressings at additional cost. 

All charges inclusive of appointment for removal of sutures if required. 

Cryotherapy – 10 min appointment £60 – and cost of cryotherapy cartridge (from £30 / cartridge) (i.e. 1-2 lesions). Additional £30 for each cartridge used.

*Lecale Clinic reserves the right to adjust prices at any time.

Appointments are inclusive of

A copy of your consultation for your own / your NHS GP records if you wish

Private prescription if recommended (pharmacy charges will apply)

Referral letter for any emergency / urgent hospital assessment

An additional administration fee will apply for

Routine referral letters for x-rays, scans or secondary care assessment or treatment. Admin fee £20 and £10 thereafter for any additional referral letters. We can refer both into the NHS and privately depending on your needs and wishes.

Dispensing fee for any medications dispensed during the consultation (e.g. antibiotics if the pharmacy is closed).

Vaccines or any additional medication administered during the appointment.

Laboratory testing - bloods / urine / swab tests which are sent to the lab for further testing, as per the laboratory’s current service fee.

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