Minor Surgery & Joint Injections

Lecale Clinic provides a wide range of surgical procedures that can be completed under local anaesthetic. Dr McGreevy has over 10 years experience working in surgical specialties and has completed membership exams and remains a member in good standing with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

List of services

Cryosurgery - of smaller skin lesions including warts, verrucae, skin tags

Removal of cysts - of the skin and scalp

Removal of benign skin lesions including moles

Toe nail surgery of ingrown toenail or fungal nail infections

Incision and drainage of skin abscess

Wound care and suturing

Joint and soft tissue injections

Booking an appointment

Firstly you will require a pre procedure appointment. During this Dr McGreevy will assess your specific problem, in the context of your baseline general health and current medications. You will then be given information on the procedure itself and discuss issues such as scarring, infection and the possibility or recurrence. Confidential photographs for your medical records may be taken and we will complete any associated consent forms.

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